Plenary Speakers

The Health Conference will feature plenary sessions by some of the world’s leading thinkers and innovators in the field, as well as numerous parallel presentations, by researchers and practitioners. The 2015 plenary speakers include:

Paul Lukowicz

Paul Lukowicz is Full Professor of AI at the Technical University of Kaiserslautern in Germany where he is heading the Embedded Intelligence group at DFKI. From 2006 till 2011 he has been full Professor (W3) of Computer Science at the University of Passau. He has also been a senior researcher (“Oberassistent”) at the Electronics Laboratory at the Department of Information Technology and Electrical Engineering of ETH Zurich Paul Lukowicz has MSc. (Dipl. Inf.) and a Ph.D. (Dr. rer nat.) in Computer Science a MSc. in Physics (Dipl. Phys.). His research focus are context aware ubiquitous and wearable systems including sensing, pattern recognition, system architectures, models of large scale self-organized systems, and applications. Paul Lukowicz coordinates the FP7-FET SOCIONICAL projects, is Associate Editor in Chief of IEEE Pervasive Computing Magazine, and has been serving as TPC Chair of a number of international events in the area.

Rita Paradiso

Rita Paradiso, Ph.D, graduated in Physics from the University of Genoa and received her Ph.D. in Bioengineering in 1991. Molecular Electronics, Biosensors, Biomaterials for biomedical applications have been her main research topics. In particular she worked on functionalized surfaces and their characterization. She worked in London during her Ph.D. at the Physics Department of Queen Mary College. In 1993 she received a Post Doctor CE fellowship, at the Molecular Chemical Laboratory - CNE Saclay, France. In 1994 she was Post Doctor fellow at the Department of Material Engineering of the University of Trento. During 1998, she worked at the "IRST-Instituto Trentino di Cultura" on bio-activation of MEMS, FIBIA. From 1998-1999 she was Research Manager of Technobiochip s.r.l.- Marciana (LI)-Italy. She has over 70 scientific publications and conference presentations since 1989. She joined Smartex in 2000 as R&D Manager, and from July 2011 is the CEO of the company. From September 2001, she has been involved in several European projects as coordinator like in WEALTHY (IST-2001-37778), coordinator of the Functional Bioclothes” consortium in MYHEART (IST-2002-507816) and technical coordinator of Psyche (ICT-2009.5.1-247777), she was also directly involved in Biotex (IST-NMP 016789), Proetex (IST-4 026987), Healthwear (e-TEN 029402), Tremor (ICT-2007-2-224051); e-Sponder (SEC-2009.4.2-242411), Interaction (FP7- 287351) and she is currently working in Welcome (FP7 611223).