Pre-Conference Tour: Introduction to Restorative Yoga

The Health, Wellness & Society Conference is pleased to offer the following pre-conference tour.

Introduction to Restorative Yoga for Stress Reduction at Hearst Gymnasium

Ease into the conference in this rejuvenating class designed to activate the parasympathetic nervous system, allow the body to rest, help calm the emotions, and support an experience of mental equanimity.

Three gentle deep relaxation poses will be taught to allow the breath to deepen, the spine to release, and the legs to be supported.

All equipment will be provided, no experience is necessary, and all levels of fitness ability are welcome. Wear comfortable layers of clothing and bring socks.

Led by Jason Emanuel Britton, Dance & Yoga Specalist, Relax and Renew Trainer, Physical Education Program, at the University of California, Berkeley. This session will be complimentary with space for 25 participants, so be sure to book early.

Session Details

Date: Wednesday, 18 September
Time: 3:00pm (participants are to meet at the Hearst Gymnasium)
Location: Hearst Gymnasium
Cost: Complimentary

Booking Information

To book, please click the blue button below and add to your conference registration. For questions, visit our Support Center.