Radical Leisure: How Mothers Gain Well-Being and Control through Participation in Exercise Classes

‘Normal’ or ‘good’ mothers adhere as closely as possible to the ideology of motherhood. This involves a normative standard of a socially constructed role of someone who devotes her personal time, energy and resources to attending to the needs and welfare of her children and family. It is therefore not surprising that lack of leisure time, time to self and poor mental health are health issues commonly experienced by working mothers. Using Foucault’s poststructuralist notions of the concepts of power, discourse and resistance, this book suggests that exercise classes taken at a mother’s leisure offer her an outlet to challenge some aspects of her subordination. Based on research conducted by Dr. Janet L. Currie, Radical Leisure documents the rich accounts provided by mothers who, by participating in exercise classes, resist to find space, de–stress and take greater control over their own lifestyle.

Adventure Therapy around the Globe: International Perspectives and Diverse Approaches

Adventure Therapy around the Globe is an important, peer-reviewed collection of papers pulled from the from the 5th and 6th International Adventure Therapy Conference proceedings. These papers present international perspectives and diverse approaches to adventure therapy theory, practice and research. Adventure therapy program models and interventions from around the world are presented here to help adventure therapy practitioners develop new ideas and approaches for helping participants find healing and enhance wellbeing in the natural world.