Rona Margaret Relova Joins the Health, Wellness and Society Advisory Board

  • 2019-12-31

Dr. Rona Margaret Relova serves as a Research Health Scientist at VA Palo Alto Health Care System. Her research interests include creating successful roadmap for translating evidence into practice, policy and public health; and developing a platform that could translate big data into actionable clinical information.

She is the P.I. Administrator of numerous multidisciplinary research programs that demonstrate the full spectrum of translational research -from practice guideline development, to implementation of innovative patient-centric interventions, to conducting clinical drug trials to examine comparative effectiveness.

She is currently co-investigating several Informatics projects that create kiosk/tablet applications for health screening with mindful designs- i.e. accommodating various capacities and technological literacy of end -users and demonstrating universal accessibility. More recently, in collaboration with Vanderbilt U, she launched a proof of concept study evaluating a measure-based care (MBC) software that utilizes Artificial Intelligence. After the participant completes the assessments, the app provides real-time feedback to both providers and participants, and flags at-risk conditions like high suicidality scores. Once the MBC tool is validated, the next phase is integration in electronic health records.

She is Principal Investigator of a pilot study that will evaluate a state-of-the art mobile health platform that uses near-infrared light to non-invasively assess tissue health. The objective of this new technology is to make daily foot monitoring accurate and accessible to patients with Diabetes

Her projects examine novel ways to improve patient accessibility and care coordination, underscoring strategies that achieve triple aim of delivering of quality care, achieving measurable outcomes and empower ing patients to be actively involved in their care.

Rona serves in the advisory board and directs the site's participant -facing operations of VA Genomics Medicine Program (Million Veteran Program). She has served as a reviewer for the Stanford Medicine X

( Stanford's premier initiative that explore s how emerging technologies can advance the practice of medicine. She is currently a book editor and reviewer for the Digital Healthcare category of The Institution of Engineering and Technology (

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